The visit of Maharaj Shri

Chelyabinsk became the first city during this visit where Maharaj Shri was sharing his Divine knowledge for three days.

1st of July in the evening aircraft with Maharaje Shri landed in Chelyabinsk. His trainees came to airport from Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Orenburg in order to meet Guru Ji. Trainees were singing bhadjan and throwing petals of roses to stops of Guru Ji.

In front of the house where Maharaj Shri lived, trainees met him in Russian tradition — with bread and salt. Guru Ji was presented garland from dry bread rings.

Meetings were organized in the biggest lounge of the city — the Olympic center of judo during three days. The floor in the lounge was covered by a white fabric (white color — color of unity) and lounge was beautifully decorated by portraits of Guru Ji, garlands from spheres, flowers and wise citations from his lectures.

First meeting with Guru Ji took place 2nd of July. Participants were warmly welcoming SatGuru with long-lasting applause, strewing petals of roses to the path which Master entered into the lounge on.

Each training was starting with a flowers gift to Maharaj Shri and finishing with meditation. All people attended the meeting were listening with great attention to wise words of the clarified Master devoted all his life to servicing and promotion of yoga knowledge, meditation and Vedanta. There were trainees among them as well as those who met Guru Ji for the first time.

After the first training 3rd of July Svami Parmanand Dji gave interview to one of the most famous channels in Russia.

Maharaj Shri visited “Param Anand” Yoga Center established by its trainees and named after him. When SatGuru arrived to the center, he was welcomed by children who dedicated their drawings on asphalt to Guru Ji. Meeting was arranged in the Indian tradition with garland of flowers and Arti (an offer of fluctuating flame) gifting to Guru Ji. Big lounge of the Center was full of people wishing to meet Guru Dji and ask questions. Meeting atmosphere was joyful and full of love. Maharaj Shri blessed the Center establishing at construction stage when he was in Chelyabinsk two years ago. Due to the Master’s favour it is already quite famous Yoga Center in Chelyabinsk now.

The group of children’s yoga of the Center greeted Maharaj Shri and showed gift dance with candles. Children presented Guru Dji their drawings and SatGuru blessed them. After answers to participants’ questions Guru Ji tried fares and Indian tea with masala (spice).

4th of July Diksha was passing in the lounge after morning training (the action of trainee dedication into spiritual life conducted by Guru). Forty people accepted personal mantra from Maharaj Shri.

In the afternoon Guru Pudzha took place in «Param Anand» Yaga Center (Pudzha in translation from Sanskrit is «worship» or «prayer») — a holiday dedicated to Guru. People brought fruits and flowers to SatGuru demonstrating their love and recognition, touching lotus-looking stop of Guru and getting blessed. After that Guru Ji accompanied by all interested persons went for a walking on Miass river and Kirova street.

On final evening training Maharaj Shri blessed all participants and organizers and presented his gifts for memory. Organizers, in their turn, presented gifts to Guru Ji. The meeting finished with Arti, celebratory salute of crackers and dances.

After evening training Maharaj Shri took the train to Ufa. Many people came to the station to see him off.

Seminar of Surya Kant Ji Dobhal

Charitable seminar of Master Surya Kant Ji Dobhal (India) took place in Ekaterinburg from 8th to 10th of October. Group of trainers from “Param Anand” yoga center and all interested persons from Chelyabinsk visited seminar of their Master.

In the beginning of seminar Master told that he came from India to wake up people, to teach them to be happy here and now. Various simple asans (a body pose), pranayams (respiratory technics), meditation were practiced. Seminar passed in love and pleasure atmosphere that was proven by participants who wished to share their impressions in the last training day.

Center birthday

21st of November 2010 “Param Anand” Yoga Center celebrated its first birthday.

Celebrating began at 12 from demonstration of children show. Professionals of the Indian dances — «Agni» group gave show later. There were games for adults.

From 12.30 to 14.00 there was small lecture and training for adults which was conducted by Volovaja Tatyana.

While adults were engaged children were playing, competing, drawing.

From 14.00 to 15.00 children’s yoga training was conducted by Skryabina Julia. Fascinatingly and cheerfully children were playing in yoga.

At this time adults were drinking Indian tea and participating in competition of the best congratulation to the Center.

There were many congratulations. The main prize — snow-white tea pair with the Center’s logo was played. The prize was taken by Svetlana for the best poetic congratulation according to jury.

That was how holiday past — cheerfully and with pleasure. Children have played and laughed enough. Adults have communicated, sung, tried celebratory pie. Have thought of desire on celebratory candle. Someone has taken massage session which was given to all interested people by Zamyatina Natalia, masseur of the Center. Nobody remained without a gift.

Yoga day

12th of September 2010 there was All-Russia Day of yoga celebrated for the first time.

This event found the joyful response in Chelyabinsk yoga centers. The was open day arranged in “Param Anand” yoga center.

The holiday started from charitable lecture «What is yoga» and practical training for all visitors which was conducted by the Center’s director Tatyana Volovaja.

Afterwards there was children’s yoga training provided by Nina Kokoreva. This yoga direction has interested mass media. After the training TV reporters interviewed children who were sincere and judicious in their perception of yoga. Because children are small yogas by nature.

Simultaneously in the small lounge of the Center there was video lecture of Svami Parmanand Maharaje Shri about Advajta-Vedanta doctrine written down by his trainees during one of the seminars in India.

After the trainings according to Indians tradition all wished people were treated in the Center’s phytobar by prasad with original Indian tea with masala (spice).

And at the end of holiday everybody joined in the big lounge in order to learn about and participate in new Centre’s work direction – bhadjan singing. This training is called a mantra-meditation «Open heart» which is conducted by Natalia Krasavina. Its uniqueness is that it is conducted charitably every Friday.

Bhadjan are prayers (or mantras) in songs form. It is singing of various names of God on a Sanskrit — language of Gods. When people sing bhadjan with concentration and faithfully, they wake up cleanliness deeply inside themselves and realize the Divine in their heart. It turns to meditation.

At the end of all trainings celebratory table with tea cloth was opened on the floor of big lounge where all wished joined to communicate and learn more about yoga.

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