Yoga Center «Param Anand»

Solemn opening of “Param Anand” yoga center occurred 15th of November 2009.

“Param Anand” yoga center is located in the city center of Chelyabinsk in the center of Russia.

Therapeutic Himalaya  yoga courses from Indian Masters are arranged in the Center:

Svami Paramanand Ji Maharaj and Surya Kanta Ji Dobhal.

Our yoga is body health restoring, calming the mind, bringing pleasure and harmony in life.

The holiday passed in the Indian traditions: with ceremonies and church chanting. There were open doors for all who wished to know yoga from the Master.
Practical training became holiday’s basis. It started with small lecture what is yoga. Yoga was examined as the basic mechanism allowing to create active organism self-control system — internal doctor of a person. Due to internal doctor’s work person can restore and keep health for many long years. Improving effect of yoga was demonstrated to visitors: its influence on a body, mind and soul of a person, firstly in theory and then in practice. Practices included asans and deep relaxation (Yoga-Nidra). Indian tea has been offered afterwards.
While adults enjoyed spicy tea, children were devoted into the yoga world. Trainings were rather cheerful and useful. They were not only taking yoga poses but also coping sounds of various animals. After emotions from trainings they have transferred all thoughts on the paper. They enjoyed competition of drawing as well as those who saw their creativity.
Bhadjans and dances became logical end of the day. Incendiary Indian rhythms, petals of roses, laughter of children, pleasure of adults, gratitude, wishes to Center, gifts became top of emotions of the holidays.
The laughter abated, visitors dispersed, but there were sensations of light, pleasure and harmony in the Center. Henceforth Center doors are opened for all who searches for a way to itself.

Presentation the  opening of “Param Anand” yoga center

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Daily the centre visits nearby 50 persons.

Center courses:

in group and individually

for adults

for children

for mature people

for pregnant women.

Thematic seminars: «Yoga for beginners», «Internal harmony», «Stress», etc.

Deep meditation practices

Mantra-meditations — Bhadjans

Deep relaxation practices (Yoga-Nidra).

Meetings with Teachers and Yaga Masters and Advajta Vedanta.

Saturday School for «Param Anand Joga» trainers preparation

Every third Saturday of month — charitable introduction course «Hello, Yoga!».

There are ten trainers are working in the Center:

Volovaya Tatyana, Dyuryagina Lyudmila, Krasavina Natalia, Galkina Natalia, Karpenko Anastasia, Kulikovskaya Nina — give general complex of yoga for adults «Param Anand Yoga»

Galkina Natalia works with mature people additionally.

Karpenko Anastasia is engaged with pregnant women additionally.

Krasavina Natalia conducts Mantra-meditations (Bhadjans).

Volovaya Tatyana conducts meditations.

Habirova Julia is engaged with children of 3-7 years.

Skryabina Julia is engaged with children of 8-13 years

Neganova Elena is engaged with children of 7-12 years.

Olkhovskaya Maria is engaged with children of 12-16 years.

There are two training lounges in the Center:

Big lounge about 100 sq.m. is for group trainings up to 20 persons. It is light, spacious, with high ceilings, large windows, laminated floor, muffled illumination, good sound, mini-fountain for air damping, rugs for trainings, pillows for Yoga Nidry, meditations.

Small lounge about 25 sq.m. is the room for meditations, individual trainings, small groups trainings. The lounge is painted in Rerikh’s style — Himalayas Shambhala. It is cozy, chamber lounge with good sound, laminated floor, rugs, small pillows.

Wide hall with administrative zone. Mini-library: books and magazines about yoga. Communication and tea drinking area: two tables for eight persons and more. Center administrator with pleasure will offer you a cup of grassy tea.

Three spacious locker rooms for women and men. Individual lockers for clothes storage during training. Three restrooms.

Additional restoring and relaxing services are provided in massage room.

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